ApplicationsOur comprehensive range of counting, weighing, packaging and handling equipment is utilised by internationally renowned companies across the world to handle a wide range of industrial, technical and medical components.

Typical applications can range from high precision automatic counting, weighing and bagging systems to pack the smallest technical or medical component, to large industrial systems to handle and pack automotive components into cartons or KLT’s up to 30kg in weight.

Please see below examples of key industries our products are used in and their application. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Hardware and DIYHardware and DIY

Comcount BF and BFW systems are commonly employed with an Autobag machine to produce packs of picture hooks, hinges, screws, clips and fixings etc for major retail and DIY stores.

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Fastening and FixingsFasteners and Fixings

Comcount BF and BFW machines are commonly employed to produce small retail bags while our range of linear weighers are employed to pack fasteners and fixings into small and bulk cartons.

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Plastics and MouldingsPlastic and Mouldings

Small plastic and rubber mouldings such as fixing plugs, pipe clips, connector bodies, grommets, caps and closures have been handled successfully on Comcount BFW and Linear weighing systems.

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Automotive and AerospaceAutomotive and Aerospace

Comcount systems have been employed to efficiently pack a range of automotive and aerospace parts ranging from spares and replacement parts in bags to bulk components packed in KLT returnables.

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Electrical and ElectronicsElectrical & Electronics

Comcount counting systems and small linear weighers are commonly employed with an automatic bagger to pack electrical components, cable ferrules, crimp connectors and electrical parts for component manufacturers and distributors.

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Plumbing and HeatingPlumbing and Heating

Typical DIY and trade packs of copper, brass and plastic fittings and accessories are commonly packed on Comcount counting, Maximiser or Accuscale systems in combination with an Autobag bagger.

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Industrial and ManufacturingIndustrial and Manufacturing

A wide range of industrial and manufactured components such as pressings, mouldings, clips, machined parts etc are packed on Comcount systems ranging from small bags to bulk cartons.

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Medical DevicesMedical Devices

Comcount counting systems and linear weighers can be produced in special version to pack a range of medical devices such as diabetic lancets, syringes, vials etc into bags or cartons.

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