Accuscale Workstation

Accuscale workstationThe Comcount Accuscale is an operator workstation with an integrated weigh/count scale designed to work in conjunction with an Autobag AB range bagger to increase operator efficiency.

The unit basically consists of an ergonomic workstation, a weighpan mounted on a high precision weighing mechanism, and a Siemens PLC based control system with touch screen display.

The operator manually loads the parts to be packed into the weighpan until the correct count is achieved. The components are then discharged and bagged automatically.



  • Combines with Autobag Bagger and Printer Systems
  • Ideal for difficult products and short production runs
  • High precision weighing mechanism with alternative weight ranges
  • Weigh/Count mode for parts with regular piece weight
  • Stainless steel workstation for ease of operation
  • Automatic discharge when pre-set weigh/count achieved
  • Siemens PLC control system with touch screen display
  • Variable tolerance settings with Job Store Facility
  • Workstation only mode with weighing system disabled
  • Quick to set up and easy to operate

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