Maximiser Indexing Conveyor

Maximiser conveyorThe Comcount Maximiser is an Indexing Pocket Conveyor Infeed designed to work in conjunction with an Autobag Bagmaker to maximise operator efficiency in semi automatic applications.

The unit basically consists of an indexing conveyor with integral product pockets, a stepper motor drive system, a field eye product detection load area and a Siemens PLC based control system.

Capable of conveying and counting hand placed items at speeds of up to 60 batches per minute the Maximiser is designed to be simple to use, dependable and flexible in operation.


  • Combines with Autobag Bagger and Printer Systems
  • Heavy duty PU belt with integrated pockets
  • Sealed pockets to prevent spillage of small parts
  • Variable speed stepper motor drive system
  • Stainless steel load shelf for ease of operation
  • Product detection system for “No Fill, No Bag”
  • Siemens PLC control system with touch screen display
  • Range of operating modes with job store facility
  • Ideal system for hand loading of kit packages
  • Quick set up, easy to operate, reliable and fast

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