Autobag One Step

Autobag One StepThe Autobag One Step machine is a variation of the AB Range Bagmaker fitted with an integrated thermal transfer Overprinter specifically designed for short batch production runs and rapid changeovers.

The Overprinter prints high quality text, graphics or bar codes on to the bag and the Auto Touch control screen provides easy access to the job set up and storage for rapid job recall.

The Overprinter is mounted directly over the next bag to be filled, printing and indexing in one step
virtually eliminating bag waste between production batches.


  • Quick to set up and easy to operate
  • Utilises Autobag pre opened bags on a roll
  • Autolabel printer mounted directly before fill point
  • Prints texts, barcodes and graphics on the bag
  • Prints and Indexes in one step reducing bag waste
  • Ideal for short batch production runs
  • Change bag size easily in less than 2 minutes
  • Operator friendly auto touch control system
  • Job store facility for rapid set up
  • Integrates with range of Comcount infeed systems

Download the Data sheet for this product | Visit the Autobag website