Autobag Sprint

Autobag SprintThe Autobag Sprint machine is an automatic bag feeding and sealing system which utilises Autobag side pouch pre made bags. These are presented in a chain for loading before sealing and trimming.

The bags are available with a range of options including re-closable zippers, gussets and reinforced headers. As the bags are pre made different bag styles will all run on the standard machine.

The machines are ideally suited for manual loading applications or can be utilised with a Comcount counting system for automatic filling of special bag styles.


  • Utilises system matched Autobag side pouch bags
  • Range of bag styles in plain or pre printed
  • Re-closable zipper, gussets or reinforced header options
  • Market quality pack presentation suitable for retail
  • Packing table incorporated for hand load operation
  • Intermittent or continuos mode for higher speed
  • Ideal for high speed hand load applications
  • Optional Autolabel thermal transfer overprinter system
  • Prints text, graphics and barcodes onto bags
  • Can integrate with range of Comcount infeeds

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