Kit Packing Systems

Kit Packing SystemsA Comcount kit packing line enables any number of counting machines to be combined with an automatic bagmaker to produce multiple item furniture assembly packs and spare parts kit etc.

The system usually comprises of a Comcount BF or BFW Series counting machine, an indexing pocket conveyor to collate the counter outputs and an automatic bagging machine.

Any size or style of Comcount counting machine can be utilised and manual workstations can be included when the kit contains items not suitable for automatic feeding.


  • Systems can be produced with 2 to 20 count heads
  • Any size or style of Comcount counter can be incorporated
  • Smaller systems can be configured with counters mounted over a bagger
  • Cost effective systems produced with integrated frameworks and controls
  • Larger lines integrated by means of indexing pocket conveyor
  • Workstations can be incorporated to manually load extra parts
  • Special fully sealed indexing pocket conveyor to prevent spillage
  • Optional bucket conveyor system for heavy-duty applications
  • BFW machines with integral checkweigh and reject can be incorporated
  • Siemens PLC System with touch screen display for line control
  • Can be utilised with an Autobag bagger or F.F.S alternative
  • Optional check weigh system for final bag check

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