UBN Compact Carton Presentation

UBN compact carton presentationThe Comcount UBN series compact carton presentation systems are specifically designed to work in conjunction with a Comcount automatic weighing machine to produce an efficient semi automatic carton filling system.

The units basically comprise of an empty box infeed conveyor, a filling point which incorporates an up/down chute mechanism and a carton vibrator, gravity roller outfeed and a Siemens PLC based control system.

The units are manually loaded with empty cartons, which are automatically fed to the weighing machine for filling before being fed on to the outfeed conveyor for off loading.
Hence making the most efficient use of a single operator.



  • Two ranges to suit different box sizes and KLT’s
  • Compact system integrated into the weigher framework
  • Up/down chute to prevent spillage during filling
  • Vibrator at fill point to settle product in carton
  • Quick release carton chutes to suit different sizes
  • Simple guide rail adjustment for different box sizes
  • Siemens PLC control system with touch screen display
  • Semi automatic operation with an operator loading the cartons
  • Reservoir of empty boxes ready for filling on infeed
  • Gravity roller outfeed for filled box accumulations

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