Model 06 and 08

Model 06 and 08 WeigherThe Comcount Model 06 and 08 are Twin Head Linear Weighing Machines specifically designed to automatically weigh or weigh/count micro and miniature sized products into pre-set quantities

The system basically consists of two individual Comcount small series linear weighing systems combined into one integrated unit which can be utilised to achieve higher output speeds or produce twin item packs.

The machine includes a Siemens control system with touch screen display for simple product set up and are readily combined with an Automatic Bagging Machine.


  • Twin Head machine for higher output speeds
  • High precision weighing mechanism with alternative weigh range
  • Weigh/Count mode for parts with regular piece weight
  • Independently driven fine feed with adjustable tooling
  • Pre-weigh system to regulate product in the feed system
  • Integrated Siemens control system with touch screen display
  • System can be configured to produce two part packs
  • Range of alternative in-feed hoppers and elevators
  • Optional reject system to limit product give-away
  • Optional stainless contact parts for medical applications
  • Specially formed feed trays with polyurethane coating

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