Model STW 250/350

Model STW 250 and 350The Comcount Model STW 250/350 series are entry level linear weighing machines designed to weigh/count or weigh a wider range of Industrial or Technical Products directly into a carton or KLT.

The system is designed for lower volume and short batch applications and basically consists of a bulk hopper, single tray vibratory feed system and a high precision weigh platform

The machine features a Siemens control system with touch screen display and is commonly combined with a workstation and check scale to produce an efficient semi automatic packing cell.


  • Heavy duty weigh platform with alternative weigh ranges
  • Weigh/count mode for parts with regular piece weights
  • High output vibratory feed tray with polyurethane coating
  • Adjustable feed width and speeds for increased accuracy
  • Pre-weigh system to control product flow from hopper
  • Quick release chutes and tooling for different box sizes
  • Range of alternative in-feed hoppers and elevators
  • Siemens control system with touch screen display
  • Heavy duty packing table wit optional roller conveyors
  • Optional Mettler sample and check scale

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